School of Culinary Arts

Superior University, a prominent name in the field of education, is embarking on a culinary revolution. We are proud to introduce the Superior School of Culinary Arts, pioneering culinary education in Pakistan. Our mission is to meet the evolving needs of the culinary and hospitality industry while contributing to Pakistan’s cultural and economic growth.

We offer a diverse range of courses catering to chefs, culinary professionals, and food enthusiasts, spanning from beginner to expert levels. Whether you aim to pursue a rewarding culinary career or enhance your gourmet expertise, we provide specialized programs that integrate entrepreneurial teaching, business development, and health & nutrition education. Join us on this culinary journey and experience a culturally rich and economically superior Pakistan through the art and science of cooking.


To turn you into Professionals

Our Offering

4 Years Degree

BS Culinary Arts Management
Under our unique experiential learning framework 3U1M, we are offering 4-year BS Culinary Arts management that encompasses various aspects of culinary studies as well as business management and health & nutrition.

Diploma Program

Level-1, Level-2 and Professional
Our Diplomas are tailored for beginners, home chefs, and professionals which will elevate your culinary skills and advance your career through specialized, hands-on training.

Short Courses

3 Months
The short courses will encompass cooking, pastry, barista skills, traditional Pakistani cuisine, as well as kitchen management and entrepreneurship.

School of Culinary Arts

Our Expert Leadership

Dr. Sami Ullah Bajwa

Dr. Sami Ullah Bajwa

Dean - Faculty of Business & Management Sciences

In Pakistan, the culinary landscape is experiencing a vibrant transformation, fueled by a booming fastfood industry, upscale dining, and a thriving cafe culture. Alongside these shifts, our local cuisine has garnered global acclaim and become a major tourist attraction.

Maryum Sohaib

Maryum Sohaib

Head - Department of Culinary Arts

The School of Culinary Arts aligns with Superior University’s overarching vision to empower the youth of Pakistan with practical skills that can drive economic growth. Our Unique Selling Proposition lies in our keen market awareness, ensuring our students can adapt to industry dynamics. Guided by prominent figures from the foodservice sector and partnered with renowned hotels, caterers, and restaurants, our students gain invaluable hands-on experience. We integrate business management principles into culinary education, preparing students for sustainable careers and entrepreneurial ventures in the service sector.

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